Civetprint Setup

Installing and Setting up Civetprint

Civetprint is a Visual Basic program that is designed to allow you to print to full-page printers from within windows. This allows you to use windows-only printers instead of having to search for cups based printers. We still recommend that these printers be ethernet capable printers for ease of setup on site, but they can and should be installed as 'Local Printers' according to windows.

How it works:

The CivetPrint program is a very simple design, when you start the program, the system will review all the currently available printers on the windows system, and open one port number (starting at 7000) for each of the printers in the system. Those ports are listening ports just like telnet. When a program (Convention master, or any program that uses the telnet protocol) opens a connection to the port number, the civetprint program will open a hidden Internet Explorer window and print the specified url to the appropriate printer. 

Important Notes:

  1. Disable or correctly configure your firewall - It is important to correctly configure your firewall. In a protected LAN environment, you should be okay to just turn it off, otherwise you will have to open the correct port numbers in order to have the system work at all.
  2. Install all printers FIRST - Each time windows adds or removes a printer from the system, it re-orders the printers. Because of this you will find that if you installed one printer, and launched civet print that the printer was on port 7000, but if you installed a second printer and then launch civetprint again, then result is that the printer that used to be on port 7000 is now in a different port.  The result of this will be print jobs from Convention Master going to the wrong printer.  Install all your printers first, then launch civet print several times in rapid succession to ensure the port numbers are remaining constant, then configure the Convention Master side.
  3. Turn off autodiscovery of printers - As mentioned above, installing new printers re-orders old printers. If you have autodiscovery of printers enabled in windows, the computer is constantly installing and uninstalling printers. 
  4. Remove Page margins, header, footer - In order to make the AUP print on a single page, frequently we find you have to remove page margins, header and footer. To do so you can simply Open Internet Explorer, change those settings, and then close internet explorer again.

Download Civetprint

You can download civetprint from your installation, just go to http://<ip_of_your_at_con_server>/ from a computer that is on the same IP subnet, and you will see the download link.