3 - Configure Server

Configure Server

The steps in this section covers various recommended steps to setting up your Convention Master server, such as NTP time server, networking configurations, and Apache configurations. Later steps in the process assume that you have performed each step. So if your Apache configuration or network configuration are different than the examples below, later steps, urls and file locations will not be valid for your installation.

If you are using Ubuntu 12.04, we need to fix an issue with Aptitude before we proceed. Ubuntu 14.04 users can skip this section and go straight to updating the lists.

Log in with your user and preform the following steps:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

This will correct an issue with apt-gets outdated source lists.

Update the source lists by typing:

sudo apt-get update

When it finishes install updates to your system by running:

sudo apt-get upgrade

Then enter in "y" at the prompt.