3.6 - Install IonCube Loader

Install IonCube Loader

IonCube Loader is responsible for managing the license that allows you to run Convention Master.

  1. Download the IonCube Loader Wizard.
    cd /var/www/
    sudo wget http://www.ioncube.com/loader-wizard/loader-wizard.tgz
    sudo tar -xof loader-wizard.tgz
  2. Navigate to http://<your.server.ip.address>/ioncube/loader-wizard.php and follow the directions to install the loader on your system.
  3. After following the steps in the loader wizard, restarting Apache, and reloading the wizard you should see the following message:
  4. You can now delete the ioncube folder.
    sudo rm -r /var/www/ioncube